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    Brow & Lash Potent Serum $15.00

    “Bask in thicker brows and longer lashes in just *28 days!

    ⚙️How it works:
    1st week: hair strands are nourished, making them darker
    and look thicker.

    2nd week: hair roots are strengthened, reducing shedding.

    3rd to 4th week: hair follicles are stimulated by actives, helping
    to boost their growth.

    6th Week onwards: dormant hair follicles receive stimulation
    from the actives, helping them to return to their active state.

    *The serum works to promote hair growth where hair follicles
    still exist. You may continue using the product until desired effect
    is achieved.

    🌿 Organic
    🐰 Cruelty-FREE
    🧪Sulfate FREE
    ⚗️ Paraben FREE”

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